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Week of March 3, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

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Week of March 3, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

The release of four Championship Decks from the Pokémon 2022 world championship; new games for young children by HABA; the new Star Wars deckbuilding game; restocked card sleeves and dice; and more!



Pokémon Trading Card Game: 2022 World Championships Decks (ADP & 3 Others)

Grab a World Championships deck and play like a champion! These are card-for-card replicas of actual title-contenders' decks from the 2022 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships! Choose this ADP deck (shown), or the other decks released as part of the 2022 collection.


Pokémon TCG: Mimikyu Ex Box

Take an underworld stroll with Mimikyu ex & Greavard!


Joan of Arc: Orléans Draw & Write

One to five players draft followers that will help them move about France, gather goods, build buildings, establish trading stations, make money, and contribute to beneficial deeds. (A “Draw and Write” adaptation of the game Orléans.)


Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game

In this easy-to-learn game, you and your opponent each choose a side, playing as either the Empire or the Rebels, and work to destroy each other’s bases.


Monster of the Week (Hardcover)

Monster of the Week is an action-horror RPG for 3-5 people.


Order Overload: Cafe

Work together to memorize customer orders! Remember the drink orders placed at your coffee shop...or lose your job.


Eager Elephants: Fill Them Up, Leaf by Leaf

Feed your hungry elephant by stacking the food cards so that every space in the elephant's tummy is filled with leaves!


Pio's Pigeon Post: There's Mail for You!

In this game for young children, players use their math skills to make sure the right postage goes on each postcard.


Across America Fluxx

Road trip! Yes, the ever-changing card game, Fluxx, is hitting the road and seeing the sites on a drive across the United States of America.


D&D Minis: White Dragon Wyrmling (W19 90589)

These highly detailed, plastic miniatures are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer.


It's a Wonderful Kingdom

This standalone solo and 2-player game is inspired by the core mechanics of its predecessor "It's a Wonderful World". This new game offers interaction & bluffing!


Pathfinder: Bestiary (2nd Edition)

Over 400 of fantasy's fiercest foes burst from the pages of this 360-page compendium of the most popular creatures in the Pathfinder world.


Restock Alert: Pathfinder: Gamemastery Guide (2nd Edition)

This comprehensive guide to the art of Game Mastering goes beyond the Core Rulebook to offer tips, guidelines, and rules to take your games to the next level.


Restock Alert: Pathfinder: Kingmaker Bestiary (1st Edition)

This book presents rules for over 200 monsters and villains, 45 traps and hazards, and seven companion NPCs presented with a low-level and mid-level stat block.


Restock Alert: Pokémon Trading Card Game: Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box

Get promo cards, a 40-card ready-to-play deck, 4 booster packs, and more!


Restock Alert: Magical Pyramids

This colorful, wooden triangular-block set is a high-quality and engaging logic puzzle.


Restock Alert: Dice by Chessex (Assorted)

Chessex dice sets are versatile and the perfect compliment to roleplaying sessions with any theme. (Shown in image: 7-Piece Dice Set: Opaque Dusty Green with Copper Numbers)


Restock Alert: Ghost Blitz

Can you find the figure that is hiding on each of the 60 cards? Be the quickest to solve the puzzle, and grab the correct object before the others!


Restock Alert: Spirit Island: Feather & Flame

Add four new spirits, one adversary, two scenarios, and more cards to your games of Spirit Island!


Restock Alert: Furnace

Furnace is an engine-building euro-game in which players take on the roles of 19th-century capitalists building their industrial corporations!


Restock Alert: D&D Minis

We’ve restocked the Female Dwarf Cleric, Wave 4 72625 (shown), and Doors, Wave 5 73360! These highly detailed, plastic miniatures are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer.


Restock Alert: Root (Expansions, Role-Playing Game, & Accessories)

We’ve added stock of expansion decks and more! (Shown: Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game – Core Rulebook)


Restock Alert: Card Sleeves by Dragon Shield (Assorted Colors)

Get 100 card sleeves and a sturdy cardboard box that fits 75+ single-sleeved cards or 65+ double-sleeved cards. Every box has a label on the top for personalization and organization. (Shown in image: Card Sleeves: Matte Lightning, Dual, 100 Count)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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