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Honors, Awards, Press & Podcasts

Check out some of Labyrinth's most notable awards and press coverage. Click on the date below each title to read, view or learn more!

Honors & Awards

2023 Best of DC, Children's Toy Store – Washington City Paper
August 16, 2023 (Online Article)

2022 Horizon Fellowship, Coach and Mentor – Game Manufacturers’ Association (GAMA)
March 16, 2022 (Event Images, Facebook)

2021 Pioneer Award – Think Local First, DC
November 20, 2021 (Ceremony Video, Facebook)

2021 Best of DC, Toy Store – Washington City Paper
September 2021 (Online Article)

2021 Power Retailer Award for Outstanding Contribution to Games Retail – Game Manufacturers’ Association (GAMA)
March 19, 2021 (Ceremony Video, YouTube)

2020 Steve Cymrot “Spark” Award – Capitol Hill Community Achievement
April 7, 2020 (Online Article)

2019 Retailer of the Year – DC Department of Small and Local Business Development
(Link Unavailable)

The 25 Best Independent Toy Stores in America – Fatherly.com
December 3, 2018 (Online Article)

2017 Best Board Game Store – Washington City Paper's Best of DC Staff Pick
April 11, 2017 (Link Unavailable, Award in Image Above)

"Best Prerelease" for Kaladesh – Wizards of the Coast
January 24, 2017 (Online Article)

“Inventing our Store's Tomorrow” Award – Wizards of the Coast
November 2, 2016 (Online Article)

2016 Best Board Game Store – Washington City Paper's Best of DC Staff Pick
April 11, 2016 (Link Unavailable, Award in Image Above)

2015 Best Business for Kids and Family – Hilly Award (Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce)
November 9, 2015 (Online Article)

The District’s Best Specialty Shops – DCist
July 17, 2015 (Online Article)

The 24 Coolest Small Businesses in Washington, DC – Business Insider
April 17, 2014 (Online Article)

2014 Certificate of Gratitude for Exceptional Hospitality to a Child in Need – David Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Wednesday's Child Program
February 24, 2014 (Link Unavailable)

Business Livable-Walkable Award from Tommy Wells' Office
November 27, 2013 (Link Unavailable)

The Best Local Shops for Holiday Gift Hunting – WTOP
November 29, 2012 (Online Article) 

2011 Best Retail on Capitol Hill, Runner Up – Hilly Award (Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce)
November 13, 2011 (Link Unavailable)

2011 Best New Retail – Washington City Paper
(Link Unavailable)

Press & Podcasts

DC game shop runs board games, tabletop role-playing section of Awesome Con (WTOP News)
March 8, 2024 (Link to Article and Video)

Embrace Your Inner Geekness Day, Small Business Spotlight: Labyrinth Games & Puzzles – Good Morning Washington (ABC7)
July 13, 2023 (Link to Video)

'Magic: The Gathering' angers fans with 30th anniversary collectible cards – NPR
November 16, 2022 (Online Article)

At The Table: Episode 007, Kathleen Donahue – The Dice Tower
July 25, 2022 (Livestream on Facebook)

Small-Business Spotlight: Labyrinth Games & Puzzles – ABC News 7, Good Morning Washington
May 9, 2022 (Video)

DC-Area Business Owners Want Customers to be ‘Comfortable’ Now that Masks are Optional – WTOP
March 2, 2022 (Online Article) 

19 Mom-Owned DC Businesses You Should Know About – TinyBeans.com
February 28, 2022 (Online Article) 

Why You Should Play in a Prerelease – Wizards of the Coast
January 29, 2022 (YouTube Video) 

Five Neighborhoods Where You Can Shop Local this Holiday Season – Washington Post
December 3, 2021 (Online Article) 

A Game Store Owner Takes on E-Commerce, Reluctantly – Marketplace Tech
December 22, 2020 (Podcast)

Happy Ten Years, Labyrinth! Find the Spirit of Play and Community at Hill Game Shop – Hill Rag
December 17, 2020 (Online Article) 

The Toys, Games and Hobbies of the Pandemic – American University Radio (WAMU)
December 3, 2020 (Podcast)

Puzzles and Games Shop Marks a Decade of Supporting and Uniting Community this November – Hill Rag
October 30, 2020 (Online Article) 

With PPP Ending, Struggling Small Businesses Seek New Lifeline – Radio Pacific Inc.
August 8, 2020 (Online Article) 

In The Pandemic Era, This 'Gathering' Has Lost Some Of Its Magic – GPB News
July 30, 2020 (Online Article) 

Labyrinth with Kathleen Donahue – Access Point Radio 
May 2020 (Podcast)

Even With Business Down, Labyrinth Steps Up: Owner Spearheads Donation of Thousands in Games to Kids in Shelter – Hill Rag
April 21, 2020 (Online Article) 

Five Things for Today: April 10, 2020 – KidFriendly DC Blog
April 10, 2020 (Online Article) 

Let Board Games Help Take You Away – Washington Post
April 4, 2020 (Online Article)

Labyrinth Offers Curbside Pick-Up, Delivery: For When Every Night is a Good Games Night – The Hill Rag
March 18, 2020 (Online Article)

Sales of the Board Game 'Pandemic' Have Quadrupled at One Local Shop – American University (WAMU) and DCist
March 13, 2020 (Online Article)

Labyrinth’s Annual Used-Game Sale! – NTBOARDGAMES
July 26, 2019 (Online Article)

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington, D.C. – Quackalope Channel "Feature"
June 1, 2019 (YouTube Video)

D.C.’s Female Entrepreneurs Spotlight the Local Woman-Owned Businesses They Love – Washington Post Express
March 6, 2019 (Online Article)

Pop Culture Comfort Food: Roll The Dice On These Board Games – NPR
December 15, 2018 (Online Article)

Starts With a Little Class, Episode 218  – The Dice Tower, On Board Games
October 31, 2018 (Podcast)

Taking a Look at the Only Game Store on Capitol Hill – W-USA9
October 8, 2018 (News Article & Video) 

D.C. Board Game Convention Draws Over 1,000 Fans Looking for a Little Screenless Fun – Washington Post
September 8, 2018 (Online Article)

You Can Play More than 500 Board Games in D.C. this Weekend – Washington Post, Going Out Guide
September 6, 2018 (Online Article)

DC Mom's Table-Top Gaming Business Flourishes in Electronic Era – CNN
August 14, 2018 (News Article & Video) 

Cold War-Themed Board Game 'Twilight Struggle' Feels More Relevant than Ever – The Star
July 21, 2018 (Online Article)

Labyrinth Games and Puzzles Offers an Unplugged Community Center – Hill Rag
June 20, 2018 (Online Article)

Women in Gaming Panel at Washingcon – Dragon’s Demise
June 2018 (Podcast)

Capitol Hill: Behind the Small Business, Labyrinth – The Hill is Home
February 9, 2018 (Online Article)

In Golden Age of Board Games, Take a Turn as Host – Mercury News (by Washington Post)
January 13, 2018 (Online Article)

Board Game Nights are Having a Moment, Here’s How to Join In – Washington Post
January 10, 2018 (Online Article)

Kathleen Donahue of Labyrinth Games & Puzzles – The Cardboard Herald 
September 27, 2017 (Podcast, Episode 47)

Bored with Digital Games? Join the Board Game Renaissance – USA Today
July 31, 2017 (Online Article)

Inside the Labyrinth – Wizards of the Coast
January 24, 2017 (Online Article)

Small Businesses for Good Panel – Atlantic Small Business Forum 
November 30, 2016 (YouTube Video)

We Asked Board Game Enthusiasts to Play 'Trump: The Game' – Washington Post
April 17, 2016 (Online Article)

Meet the Neighbors: Labyrinth Owner Kathleen Donahue – The Hill Now
June 19, 2015 (Online Article)

Inside Labyrinth Games Episode – Manaverse Battling The Minotaur 
May 1, 2015 (Podcast, Episode 010)

Labyrinth Games and Puzzles is Mom-Owned Awesomeness on Capitol Hill – Quarter to Three
January 29, 2014 (Online Article) 

Featured, Grand Opening – Washington Examiner, Page 5
August 21, 2011 (Link Unavailable, But Please Enjoy the Image Below!)