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Community Involvement

We love to partner with and support neighboring schools and organizations that benefit children and the community.

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles currently partners with many local elementary and middle schools with our special aftercare enrichment program. Labyrinth Game Club focuses on teaching children essential social and cognitive skills through the best in non-electronic games. The program fosters communication skills, analytical processing, and creativity through the element of designing original games.

Playing games has been proven to help children develop important cognitive and social skills such as patience, teamwork, strategic and analytical thinking, and listening and reading comprehension. Instructors from Labyrinth Games and Puzzles, D.C.'s premiere store for brainy fun, teach new games each week, building a portfolio of skills from class to class. Teachers also incorporate special techniques to encourage reflection on strategies, which has been shown in studies to enhance learning from game play.

Students in 1st grade and up may also have the opportunity to design their own games after exploring a variety of play styles. Good Moves is designed to be a fun way to discover new games, but it will also be a focused, somewhat competitive, learning experience.

Important Skills Developed:

Current Partnering Schools:

We're also proud to partner with local PTA organizations to help plan and run such events as fundraisers, family game nights, and childcare during PTA meetings.

Recently, Labyrinth Games & Puzzles has also worked with local schools to establish lending libraries of board and card games, and provide special training to teachers on the use of games in a classroom setting. We work to match our games to the core curriculum goals of a school to help them learn how to incorporate games into education. 

If you are a teacher, parent, or PTA volunteer and would like more information on getting Labyrinth Games & Puzzles involved in your school, please don't hesitate to send us an email or call 202-544-1059.