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Used Game Sale

Used Game Sale 2023 - Officially Complete!

Thanks for making the 2023 Used Game Sale a huge success!


Charity and Games!

During last year's Used Game Sale we raised more money than we ever had before for our Teacher Wish List. This year, in 2023, we matched the prior year's success! Storms damped our 2023 sales a bit, especially during the Live Auction on Saturday, but it was still a record year!

We had a great turnout on both days, despite the weather! Thanks to everyone that participated and the many volunteers that helped us put on the event this year!

Did You Register Games to Be Sold During the Sale?

Sellers that submitted games to Labyrinth to be sold at the sale should have received an e-mail with their results. The store credit is now posted on sellers' store accounts and/or checks are ready for pickup. Any games that were not sold can be picked up at Labyrinth by close of business on September 23rd. Any games that remain after the 23rd will be considered donated to Labyrinth. 

Although the 2023 Used Game Sale is a wrap…

...You can mark your calendars now for our 2024 event! Details about the 2024 Used Game Sale will be posted here by June 1, 2024!

In the meantime, we are still accepting donations for the Teacher Wish List Fund. If you’d like to donate games for next year’s sale contact us!

Noteworthy 2022 & 2023 Stats


Benchmark 2022 2023
Dollars Raised for Community Initiatives (including our Teacher Wishlist Fund)

over $15,000!

over $15,000!

Games Sold






Games that Sold for Over $200



Game with the Highest Auction Price


Too Many Bones

Game with the Most Copies at the Sale

Gloomhaven (& Catan)


2023 Participants’ Successes

Hundreds of old and new Labyrinth customers grew their board game collections (some by dozens of games), and many received store credit or cash for the games they submitted to us to sell at the event! (If you sold games at the 2023 event and have questions about how to access your credit or cash, please reach out to us anytime.)

We still have a few remaining items that did not sell during the event. If you are a teacher or know any teachers, please arrange to come by and get some FREE games for their classrooms!

A Big Thank You!

Again, we are truly in awe and forever indebted to our buyers and sellers, loyal and new customers, and community for making this charity event a success!

Without you, this event would not be possible – and, a special thanks goes to Yoni Gray who, every year, treks all the way from Boston to run our tech!