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Week of January 07, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah
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Week of January 07, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

So much has happened in the past couple weeks, including a bunch of cool new games and LEGO sets arriving at Labyrinth...

LEGO Restock and New Sets

We have received a bunch of LEGO restocks as well as new LEGO sets at the store, so feel free to check them out on our eshop using the link.




Restock Alert: Furnace

This awesome, engine-building game just came out this past year and has been wildly popular and well-received, so be sure to give it a look.





Check out this strategy and push-your-luck game from Amigo!




Restock Alert: Pax Pamir

This amazing historical, strategy game from one of my all-time favorite designers, Cole Werhle, is back in stock.




Jenga Mini

This miniature dexterity game is now available at Labyrinth!




Chess: Marvel

Check out this neat, Marvel-themed chess set!




Word Heist

This is a fun new word game with hidden information and point-stealing.




The Hunger

Be fangful that Richard Garfield's new game about being the most infamous vampire is here and available for purchase at Labyrinth!




Living Forest

Check out Living Forest, a cute, engine-building game for anyone who love nature.




Baseball Highlights: The Dice Game

The beloved Baseball Highlights: 2045 now has a sequel in this really cool, roll-and-write-esque game.




Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

We now have a family-specific version of Trivial Pursuit in stock, so that family members of all ages have more fun.




Restock Alert: Destinies

This popular, narrative-driven release from 2021 is now back in stock.




Destinies: Sea of Sand

For those who already got their copy of Destinies, this expansion adds 3 new scenarios to add-on for even more awesome content.




Roll Player Adventures

Check out this narrative-driven campaign game set in the universe of Roll Player.




Nine Tiles Panic

This is a speed-based puzzling game for 2-5 and is great for family game night.




Cape May

Cape May is a charming game in which players compete to develop the famous Cape May during its formative years in the face of setbacks and clever business opponents.





This classic Euro/bag-builder is in stock at Labyrinth!




Restock Alert: Ubongo: The Brain Game To Go

Check out Ubongo; it's a travelable puzzle game for one to help keep your mind sharp and provide a satisfying challenge.




Restock Alert: Deception Murder in Hong Kong

It has been a little while, but we finally got some copies back of my favorite murder mystery/social deduction. Will the killer get away with it or are you willing to put your police badge on the line to test your theory and catch the killer?





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