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This Week's New Products and Hot Restocks - August 20, 2021

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  • By Hannah
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This Week's New Products and Hot Restocks - August 20, 2021

Mystery Boosters are now out and available for purchase! Also more new games...

*Special Event Reminder: The Used Game Sale is coming soon with the Auction day on Sept. 4th and the Rummage Sale on Sept. 5th. Follow the link for more details.




This is a fresh twist on Sprawlopolis with some modified gameplay and set in the country with farmlands and cattle. Half the staff have already picked up their copies if that is any recommendation!


Sprawlopolis: Interstate


This expansion to Sprawlopolis not only adds on to the current gameplay, but also adds a competitive 2-player mode.


MTG Mystery Booster Boxes and Packs (In-Store Pickup or Purchase Only)



The new Mystery Booster Convention Edition Booster Boxes and Packs are out and available for purchase now. This set not only contains lots of reprints, but also a lot exclusive playtest cards.


MTG Jumpstart Booster Boxes


The MTG Jumpstart Boxes are now up and available for purchase on our webstore.


The Fuzzies


This adorable twist on classics like Jenga comes to us from the same company that brought us Wavelength. It's surprisingly tricky and hilarious, so I highly recommend giving it a try.


Hometown Holiday


This adorable, locally-designed RPG is all about living out your cheesy Hallmark Holiday Romance--but you are competing with all the other players for the affections of this story's festive bae.


More Chess Restocks



We got some more chess restocks.


Melissa and Doug Restocks



We've got more WaterWows and kids puzzles back!



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