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Week of January 21, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah
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Week of January 21, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

We've received a ton of new dice as well as several new games and new reprints/restocks!

Restock Alert: Vye 2nd Edition

We got Vye in stock at Labyrinth! This is a great game that's been around for bit; it has territory control and a bunch of modules to add on, and it is perfect for those who may not normally enjoy this kind of game. We also happen to be one of the only places that this game can currently be found in this particular version.




Glass Road

This is a nice medium weight game from beloved game designer, Uwe Rosenberg. While this title is not new, it is very exciting to have it at the store.




Picture Perfect

This is a fun, competitive deduction game in which players try to arrange the party goers into the perfect positions based on their preferences for the big photo; however, certain players have access to information that others don't so there is every chance someone else is hiding the key to your perfect photograph.




Dice Throne Season Two: Box 4 Seraph vs Vampire Lord

The fourth box of dice duelists is now in stock at Labyrinth.




Clank! In! Space! Adventures - Pulsarcade (expansion)

Add some more variety to your thievery from Lord Eradikus with this expansion that brings six new modules to the game.




Citadels (2021)

The latest edition of Citadels offers a streamlined packaging and all of the wonderful strategy it's always been known for.




Marvel Champions LCG Hero - Vision

We have Marvel Champions' Vision Hero Pack in stock. Come grab your copy if you haven't already when you pick up Valkyrie.




Marvel Champions: LCG Hero Pack - Valkyrie

The newest Hero Pack is now out for purchase at Labyrinth!




Colt Express Big Box

The Colt Express Big Box is now at Labyrinth and comes with the base game and two expansions; Horses and Stagecoach expansion and Marshal and Prisoners expansion.




Star Wars Legion: Grand Master Yoda Commander and Wookie Warriors

Check out the latest expansions to come to Legion.





This slightly more advanced Spot It is a fun speed game of creativity and visual/mental acuity.




Reprint/Restock Alert: Hanamikoji

This fantastic 2-player game is back in a beautiful reprint. 




Stella (Dixit Universe)

Check out this new party game from the same universe as Dixit!




The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - Spreading War (expansion)

The new Lord of the Rings expansion adds a whole new campaign with 15 scenarios! For anyone looking to expand their game, this is now out at Labyrinth.




Restock Alert: Diplomacy

We finally found Diplomacy and got it back in store!




Restock Alert: Betrayal at House on the Hill

It's finally back! This is a super fun game where you and your friends explore the House on the Hill while counting down the omens until one among you betrays everyone.




D&D 5e Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Check out this amazing release from Darrington Press. Available now from Labyrinth! This is a really cool sourcebook and contains two new player character classes to shake things up.




Horrified: American Monsters

This is a sequel to the original Horrified, in which players must defend Cross Creek from popular American monsters and cryptids. It is a super fun, super campy game and pretty straightforward to learn.




Marvel Villainous: Mischief and Malice

Work as Madame Masque, M.O.D.O.K., or Loki to be the most successful villain in this expandalone for Marvel Villainous.




Dice Hospital

This is a worker-placement game in which players work hard to treat patients and discharge them from the hospital while maintaining as a high a reputation as possible.




Red Flag Over Paris

This is an intense two-player, card game for any French history buff or fan of revolution.  




Hymgho Dice

A bunch of new metal dice as well as several sets of stone dice arrived this past week. They are absolutely beautiful and work taking a look at on our webstore or in person. 




New Puzzles

We've received a few new puzzles this week!





We received a few more LEGO sets this week, including a couple newer sets. Check them out using the link.


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