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  • Z-MAN Games Citadels (2021)
  • Z-MAN Games Citadels (2021)

Citadels (2021)

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Thief? King? Warlord? Draft the best temporary roles in this kingdom-building game.

This revised edition contains all the great content included in Citadels (2016), but is scaled to fit a smaller, more portable box.

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In Citadels, players take on new roles each round to represent characters they hire in order to help them acquire gold and erect buildings. The game ends at the close of a round in which a player erects their eighth building. Players then tally their points, and the player with the highest score wins.

Players start the game with a number of building cards in their hand; buildings come in five colors, with the purple buildings typically having a special ability and the other colored buildings providing a benefit when you play particular characters. At the start of each round, the player who was king the previous round discards one of the eight character cards at random, chooses one, then passes the cards to the next player. Passing continues from player to player, until each player has secretly chosen a character. Each character has a special ability, and the usefulness of any character depends upon your situation, and that of your opponents. The characters then carry out their actions in numerical order: the assassin eliminates another character for the round, the thief steals all gold from another character, the wizard swaps building cards with another player, the warlord optionally destroys a building in play, and so on.

On a turn, a player earns two or more gold (or draws two building cards then discards one), then optionally constructs one building (or up to three if playing the architect this round). Buildings cost gold equal to the number of symbols on them, and each building is worth a certain number of points. In addition to points from buildings, at the end of the game a player scores bonus points for having eight buildings or buildings of all five colors.

Father's Day / Politics


Number of Players 2-8
Estimated Playtime 30-60 minutes
Suggested Ages 10+

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