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Week of December 02, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah
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Week of December 02, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

So many new games have come in the past 2 weeks! New Ankh expansions, new Pokémon decks, the MicroMacro sequel, and more...

Boomerang: USA

This is a cool game that combines some drafting and roll-and-write elements as players seek to the best sights around the USA.




MicroMacro: Crime City: Full House

The sequel to the Spiel des Jahres winner is here at Labyrinth.





Check out this new reprint of a family-favorite board game from Bruno Cathala!





Check out this 2-player-only spy game from Helvetiq.




Junk Art 3.0

The latest edition of Junk Art is now out on the shelf.




LEGO The Madrigal House

For any Encanto fans, check out the lovely Madrigal House set from LEGO.




LEGO World Map

This LEGO set is gorgeous and perfect as a blowout present for any LEGO fiend looking for the ultimate challenge.




Drop Shot

Check out this new dexterity games for kids and families!




That Time You Killed Me

This is an incredibly crunchy abstract strategy game for 2 only that contains some awesome expansions to the base game as well as a fantastically integrated theme of time travel.




Shape Sorting Clock

Check out this adorable time-telling aid for 3+.




Ultra Pro Binders

We just received a bunch of really cool looking Ultra Pro binders for storing all your rares!





Create your own star system in this new game for 2-4 players.




Gulp: The Drinking Trivia Game

For 21+ only, this new drinking game combines alcohol consumption with tricky trivia.




Backgammon and Chess Sets!

We've received several new Backgammon and Chess Sets.




Marvel Champions LCG Scenario - The Hood

The latest Marvel Champions expansion is out now at Labyrinth.




Herd Mentality

Check out this new party game that has been mooooving like crazy!




Restock Alert: Gamegenic Binders

We received more Gamegenic binders for anyone in need of card storage for your rares.




Star Wars Legion Expansions

So many Legion expansions came out this week, so be sure to check them out.




Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

Check out the card game sequel to one of the most popular modern games of all time!




Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar (expansion)

We now have this awesome Hero Realms expansion available online and in-store.




Labyrinth Deluxe with Bell

If you enjoyed the Brio challenge this past weekend and want to continue that experience at home, we now have more Labyrinth Brio in stock.




Arkham Horror LCG Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion

For those who grabbed their investigator pack already, be sure to drop by and grab the matching campaign expansion, now out at Labyrinth.




Ankh: Gods of Egypt Pharaoh Expansion

This expansion is the one designer, Eric Lang, no longer plays without. If anyone you know is really enjoying Ankh check out this expansion as well as the one listed below.




Ankh: Gods of Egypt Guardians Set (expansion)

Add more gorgeous minis to Ankh as well as some diversification with this new expansion.




Flapjacks and Sasquatches

Check out this cute, take-that card game for 2-8 players!





Check out this beautiful game about collecting flowers from your garden.




Fluxx Holiday

Fluxx Holiday is here for anyone looking to add the holiday cheer to their favorite topsy turvy game of ever-changing rules.




Dungeons and Doggies: Volume 3

Volume 3 of Dungeons and Doggies is here at Labyrinth with even more good doggos with whom to go adventuring!




More Dice!

We got more dice sets in this week. Be sure to check them out, my fellow dice goblins!




Pokémon League Battle Deck: Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

The Pokémon Rapid Strike Urshifu deck is now out at Labyrinth. Please note that this item is pick-up only and we are limiting the number of copies customers can purchase to 1. 




Pokémon League Battle Deck: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX

This second deck with the Single Strike Urshifu is also now out at Labyrinth with the same purchase restrictions as the other.




Camel Up: Off Season

Check out this new version of the beloved Camel up! Now out at Labyrinth.





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