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Magic Monday-September 11, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

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Magic Monday-September 11, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

The upcoming Regional Championship Qualifier and important play procedures; plus, more Magic events on the horizon!

It’s just another Magic Monday!


After taking a day off for Labor Day, we’re back!

This week’s featured single is Mana Drain from Legends (shown above). Mana Drain is contention for the most best counterspell in Magic’s history, as it not only counters the spell but also ramps you on your next main phase. This particular copy, while damaged, is from Legends, the original printing of the card. This makes this copy very collectible. You can find it, and all of our singles at https://labyrinthgameshop.tcgplayerpro.com/.

We have plenty of fun and exciting events coming soon. As always, Tuesday is commander night. And this Friday we’ll have both Wilds of Eldraine draft as well as the return, after a brief hiatus, of Modern. We also have an event on September 30th featuring competitive Pauper Commander, a fun and unique format that works like normal commander but requires 99 cards in your deck be cards that have been printed at common, while your commander can be any uncommon creature. You can sign up for all of our Magic events at https://www.labyrinthdc.com/magic-events/. Our most exciting coming up, however is this Saturday!

This Saturday is our Regional Championship Qualifier! RCQs are competitive level events that can take you down the path to turning professional as a MtG player. But what is a competitive-level event? By and large it’s just another Magic event, with most changes coming down to how rules are enforced and how mistakes are handled. Whereas at FNM or Regular Rules Enforcement Level events the focus is on making sure everyone has a good time and plays fair, at a Competitive Rules Enforcement Level event judges are much more focused on making sure everyone plays fair and follows the rules. So while at FNM we’ll handle misplays or mistakes with simple corrections and backups, at the RCQ we’ll be following the Infraction Procedure Guide (https://media.wizards.com/.../wpn/mtg_ipg_2023sep4_en.pdf) For players, this primarily means that you need to do just a few things.

• First, always return your deck to the configuration listed on your decklist. That means you need to undo any sideboarding between each match.

• Second, be sure to communicate very clearly as you play what is happening, since this will eliminate most common mistakes.

• Third, it’s important to make sure that your deck and cards are not marked in any obvious pattern. The easiest way to address this is to bring a set or two of fresh card sleeves to use for the event, especially if you’re using the lands we provide because some of them are well loved.

• And lastly, whenever you do notice a mistake, either by you or your opponent, you should feel free to call a judge to ask what the correct fix is.

We look forward to hosting all our RCQ competitors on Saturday!

That’s all for this week, see you next Magic Monday!


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