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Magic Monday-March 13, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

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Magic Monday-March 13, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

Labyrinth's Regional Championship Qualifier, with details about the prizes! A new "Storyline" draft, and more Magic: The Gathering event news!


It’s just another Magic Monday!

The RCQ and Featured Singles
It’s only six days until Labyrinth’s Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ) and the excitement is palpable. As of posting there is just one spot to join us on Sunday for chance to win an invitation to the Regional Championship! And while the invitation to the RCQ is quite the prize, there will also be cash prizes paid out to the top eight finishers. Additionally there are promos for participating, finishing in the top eight, and the winner receives a special foil Thing in The Ice (shown above), one of this week’s featured cards.


The other featured card is a foil copy of Steely Resolve from Onslaught. For two mana, you get an enchantment that gives a creature type shroud. While this is obviously a powerful commander card for tribal decks, Steely Resolve also has a home in Legacy. In that format, one copy is frequently run in land-based decks where it names Avatar in order to protect a powered-out Marit Lage token. Onslaught is the only printing of Steely Resolve, which makes this foil copy quite the collectible. You can find it at our singles page hosted at TCG Player


Storyline Draft and Upcoming Magic Events at Labyrinth
Aside from the RCQ this Sunday we have a lot of great events coming up. Tuesday, as always, is commander night. And Friday we’re hosting a Modern tournament as a chance to get some last-minute practice in for the RCQ. We’ll also be hosting a special draft this Friday: a “Storyline” draft where each player will receive a Dominaria United pack, a Brothers' War pack, and a Phyrexia: All Will Be One pack to highlight the ongoing Phyrexian Invasion storyline. While not quite a Chaos draft, it should still be a wacky, fun, cross-set draft experience. We’re also just one month away from March of the Machine prerelease! Friday night will be a draft prerelease, Saturday features a Jumpstart prerelease and sealed event, and then Sunday features Two-Headed Giant and Sealed. You can sign up for all of our events at


That’s all for this week. See you next Magic Monday!





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