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This Week's New Products and Hot Restocks - May 21, 2021

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  • By Hannah
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This Week's New Products and Hot Restocks - May 21, 2021

New Haba games, new crunchy games, and more!



This new civilization game is now at Labyrinth. Build your civilization up using the games unique triangular dominoes and accessible complexity.


Pax Viking


This is another installment in the well-known Pax series and in this one you all get to play Vikings! This one also has a solo mode. 


Lucky Numbers


This game combines sudoku and probability and is a delightful pick for friends and family. Check it out now on our webstore.


Monza 20th Anniversary Edition


Monza 20th Anniversary Edition is here at Labyrinth and comes with new modes of play and a lot more of the racing fun you remember.


MVFG: Rhino Hero Junior


It's here! The new Rhino Hero Junior is so cute and includes the monkey from Rhino Hero Super Battle. 


Wingspan: Speckled Eggs


Check out these beautiful Wingspan: Speckled Eggs! Spruce up this already pretty game with even prettier eggs for your birds.


Unicorn Glitterluck XL Puzzle


Unicorn Glitterluck XL is a new puzzle in our kids section from Haba!


Under the Floorboards

under the floorboards

Under the Floorboards is a great indie RPG now available at Labyrinth!




There are new miniatures at Labyrinth! Check them out now on our webstore.


Restock Alert: Spyfall


Spyfall is back in stock at Labyrinth! 


Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green & Shining Yellow



These two great, train-themed roll and write games are here!


Star Wars Legion: A-A5 Speeder Truck Expansion


The newest SW Legion vehicle is out, but in limited supply.


Arkham Horror LCG: Into the Maelstrom


The newest Arkham Horror pack is out! Check it out on our webstore.


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