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Week of October 15, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah
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Week of October 15, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

Dice bags, Patchwork Halloween, RPGs galore!

Restock Alert: Horrified


One of my favorite cooperative games of cheesy horror and immense fun is back in stock.




Red King Co. Dice Bags Restock!




These high quality dice bags just got restocked and we have a bunch of cute and cool new designs here now.




Patchwork Halloween


This amazing new edition of the puzzley, two-player classic is now out at Labyrinth.




RPG Restock


So many RPGs have come back into stock this week including Blue Rose, Mork Borg, and more! Be sure to grab yours on Saturday when there will be extra goodies for Free RPG day.




Restock Alert: Ravine


Another of my favorite cooperative games of all time is finally back in stock after a long absence. This one mixes strategy and party game elements to create a really unique experience that I absolutely love.




Restock Alert: Ravine The Spirits Expansion


The expansion to Ravine is also back in stock and adds a cool teams/traitor-like mechanic--plus the ability to play with more people!




Restock Alert: Century Spice Road!


Century: Spice Road is back in stock finally!




Flapjack Flipout


This is a delicious dexterity that is flipping awesome! Flip pancakes and try to remember what types the ones you successfully flip are. Once you think you have everything for the current customer's order, scramble to plate everything together and hope you remembered everything.




Castle Party


Check out this cute new flip and write for Halloween!




Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck


The latest structure decks are now out at Labyrinth.




Spot It! Rudolph


Shop Christmas early with this adorable edition to the Spot It! series. 




Código Secreto 


We now carry Spanish Code Names! For anyone looking for a game to play with Spanish-speaking relatives or friends, this is the perfect choice, as it is also a genuinely fun game that is easy to teach.




Pioneer Challenger Decks!


Full of great reprints and ready-to-play from the box, these decks make getting into the format super affordable and much simpler. They're now available at Labyrinth!





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