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Inside the Maze

Week of October 08, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah
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Week of October 08, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

Llamaland, Affliction, and more dice and puzzles!



Check out this new family-friendly strategy game of cuddly llama meeples and farming!




Die Hard Dice Restock and New Sets!


We just got a ton of Die Hard Dice restocks as well as some new additions. Whether you're a dice goblin or intend on using them, instead of whispering, "Precious," to them while holding them like I do, the Die Hard Dice brand makes good quality dice that just feel better to roll than normal polymer dice.




Epic Encounters: Web of the Spider Tyrant


Epic Encounters makes gorgeous miniatures with great adventure modules, so be sure to check out this latest spooky edition just in time for a Halloween adventure.




Paper Dungeons


We just added a new roll and write to our repertoire; check it out on the eshop today!




Kim Joy's Magic Bakery


If you're as much of a Great British Bake-Off fan as me, then this will be equally exciting to you. If you miss Kim-Joy's awesomely unique style this season, then be sure to check out this adorable game.




D&D Adventures Outlined Coloring Book


The Dungeons and Dragons fans can now color in images of their favorite creatures from the monster manual in this amazing D&D coloring book.




Dice Advent Calendar


The Dice Advent Calendar has returned this year and remains one of the coolest ways to count down December.




Tavern Puzzles


We finally got our tavern puzzles back!




Jigsaw Puzzles


We just got several new puzzles in stock as well as several classics restocked, so be sure to peruse our online puzzle section or come by and check them out for yourself.






Knitting and board games sounds like an incredibly relaxing combination, which is why this game is the perfect experience for someone who enjoys both. It is available instore and on our webstore now.




Affliction: Salem 1692


Kathleen had a great time playing this incredibly historically accurate worker placement game of suspicion and fear. You'll do your best to protect your own while casting aspersions against other parties in order to draw away the attention of the judge, minister or magistrate.




Pokémon Celebrations Mini Tins


NOTE: This is an In-Store Only item, so you must come to the store to purchase this in person. These celebrations tins are now out and are currently limited to 3 per customer, so be sure to hop on over ASAP to grab yours.





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