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Week of November 12, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah
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Week of November 12, 2021-What's New at Labyrinth?

Crimson Vow Prerelease, Carcassone: 20th Anniversary Edition, and so much more from this week's shipments...

Crimson Vow Prerelease Weekend

The Crimson Vow Prerelease Weekend is here and draft booster boxes and collector booster boxes are for sale, as are prerelease kits.




New and Restocked LEGO Sets

We received several new LEGOs this week, in addition to several LEGO restocks.




Savannah Park

Check out this adorable new family game where you each run your own wildlife park. Here just in time for the holidays.





Kingsburg is back! This awesome, medium-weight dice-placement game has players working to be the most influential defender of their realm as invaders attempt to infiltrate and plunder.




Carcassonne: 20th Anniversary Edition

The 20th Anniversary edition of Carcassone is now out at Labyrinth! Check out this beautiful edition of the beloved classic in store and online.




Camel Up 2nd Edition

Camel Up has returned in this latest printing! This is a perfect game for Family Game Night and holiday gatherings, as you all compete to bet on which camel you think is going to win the big race.





Dreidels are back just in time for Hanukkah!




Chess Sets and Other Classic Game Sets

We have received several new chess sets as well as absolutely gorgeous backgammon cases. Check them out using the link in the item title!




Restock Alert: Teotihuacan and Expansion

Teotihuacan and the Expansion Period add-on are both back at Labyrinth.




Usborne Restock

We have received several new kids activities and puzzles from Usborne both for the holidays and in general.




Marvel Champions - War Machine Hero Pack

Marvel Champions Players, War Machine is now out at Labyrinth!




Machi Koro 2

Machi Koro 2 is now out at Labyrinth!




Luna Capital


Check out this beautiful game about being the best first space colony from Devir Games!





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