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Week of May 26, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Lori
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Week of May 26, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

A restock of card sleeves in bright colors; a board game about fire; recent expansions for the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game; and more!


Star Wars X-Wing: Rebel Alliance Squadron Starter Pack (2E; Expansion)

The Rebel Alliance Squadron Single Player Starter contains everything a new player needs to fly into battle alongside the heroes of the Rebel Alliance.


Star Wars X-Wing: Galactic Empire Squadron Starter Pack (2E)

Players will jump right into the action with this new Starter Set for Star Wars: X-Wing.


Starfinder: Ports of Call

Ports of Call, the latest hardcover resource for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, presents 10 highly detailed spaceports and settlements across all of space.


Tribes of the Wind

Play as a Guide who uses elemental magic to fight against pollution. Have forests grow, build new cities in the canopy, and secure the future of mankind.


Restock Alert: CoraQuest

This cooperative and customizable dungeon crawl adventure for the entire family is back in stock!


Call of Cthulhu: Investigator Handbook (7th Edition)

The Investigator Handbook is an essential player’s aid for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game.


Fire Tower

Fire Tower takes seconds to set up and minutes to learn! Play with fire, and the deluxe components, including 135 glimmering fire gems, a printed cloth bag, custom meeples, an engraved wind die, and more!



Plant the most dandelion seeds, in this dice-placement game.


Restock Alert: Magic: The Gathering Stained Glass Swamp Limited Edition Pin

Celebrate your favorite mana in beautiful stained-glass style. This pin is based off the beautiful work by Magali Villeneuve.


Charades for Kids

This charades set is designed for pre-reading players, as well as early readers! Younger players use the colorful picture cards. Older children can read and act out the included simple words and phrases.


Travel Classics: Mastermind

Test your code-cracking prowess with Mastermind, the challenging game of logic and deduction. Can you crack the code in 10 moves or less?


Take 5

You'll think you're in the clear until an unexpected number appears forcing you to "take 5" cards. Will you get lucky and collect only a few negative points? Or will you grab too many bulls and end up in last place?


Restock Alert: Gamegenic Standard Card Sleeves (Assorted Colors)

We’ve restocked 100-sleeve sets of Prime card sleeves in multiple colors so you can combine beauty with function.





Have a wonderful weekend! 


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