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Week of February 17, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

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Week of February 17, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

We've added wargames; wooden puzzles; storage binders; 4-layered dice sets; little kids' games with tempting table presence (and unique components); coveted Pokémon tins and box sets; deduction games; and more!


Restocked and New Wooden Puzzles (by Artifact Puzzles)

Artifact Puzzles' creators design jigsaws with unique pieces, for every piece of art – the puzzle pieces are inspired by the image. Their odd shapes add challenge! (Shown in image: Pride of Peacocks by Marie Amalia, 224-Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.)



Gardeners is a cooperative tile-laying game played silently and in real time.


D&D Minis: Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, Super Booster

The 25th set in the Icons of the Realms line of pre-painted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures is available. (Shown above: The Super Booster pack.) Also available at Labyrinth, the D&D Minis: Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Booster.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Crown Zenith Special Collection (Pikachu VMAX)

Gigantamax your game—with Pikachu VMAX!


My First Dinosaurs: Magnetic Discovery

SmartMax: My First Dinosaurs are soft magnetic pieces designed for kids ages 1-5 years. Let kids' imaginations roam free as they mix and match pieces to make crazy combinations.



This simple deck of cards makes for a colorfully cutthroat game of rainbows and revenge. Available in-store only, at Labyrinth!


Pokémon Trading Card Game: Virizion V Box

Get playable and oversized versions of Virizion V, plus a bonus playable card featuring Keldeo, and booster packs!


Betrayal: The Werewolf's Journey – Blood on the Moon (Expansion)

This tabletop board game expansion features a never-before-seen character in both human and werewolf forms, with a detailed figure and removable base for each form.


Double Shutter: Shut the Super Box (Tin)

Use probability and luck to flip down all the numbered tiles.


Junk Jumble: The Memory Game for Clutter Hunters

This game is great for players 6 and up! Use the unique drawer system (game box) to test your focus and memory. Rummage through the junk to be the first to find all the items on your list.


Ice Hoppers

Hop from one ice chunk to the other with your penguin friends – get back to the iceberg before nightfall!


Wonder Woods

Use bluffing and deduction in order to find the best mushroom spots.


Downtown Farmers Market: The Strategy Game for Savvy Shoppers

This puzzly tile-laying game challenges savvy "shoppers" to plan their path!


Tongues Out

Match the lollipops on the dice with the squishy pugs that you 'think' licked them! Squeeze the pugs to have them stick out their tongues, and find out what color lollipop they ate!


Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261

Factions from the republics of Firenze and Siena vie for control of medieval Tuscany.


Banish the Snakes: A Game of St. Patrick in Ireland

Banish the Snakes is a solitaire and/or cooperative game that simulates Ireland in the 5th century, while the Roman Empire was collapsing in the west and Ireland was turning to the Christian religion.


The Russian Campaign: Deluxe (5th Edition)

Play out the German invasion of the Soviet Union in WWII. This edition is a perfect blend of the original game’s classic, core system with key enhancements.


Crossing Oceans

Revive the golden era of ocean liners in this economic game with a rondel game mechanic.


Eclipse Dice, by Gate Keeper Games (Varied Colors)

These layered dice feature two ultra-thin bands of pearlescent color sandwiched at the center of the dice. (Shown in image: 7-Piece Dice Set: Eclipse, Elf King)

4-Pocket Eclipse PRO-Binder (Varied Colors)

Store up to 160 sleeved cards in 4-Pocket Eclipse PRO-Binders by Ultra Pro! (Shown in image: Jet Black


Restock Alert: Pokémon Trading Card Game: Collector Chest (Fall 2022)

This sturdy metal case contains more than a dozen special Pokémon goodies, including many not found anywhere else.


Restock Alert: Trucky 3

Truckloads of puzzle fun! Three happy trucks are on the way to their next destination. They need to pick up a load of packages, but will the haul fit?


Restock Alert: Tangoes Jr.

A large magnetic play surface, 7 large magnetic puzzle pieces, and 12 double-sided puzzle cards provide your child with 2 levels of brilliant fun!


Restock Alert: Pathfinder: Beginner Box (P2, Roleplaying Game)

The Pathfinder Beginner Box contains everything you need to learn how to play the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, including rules to create your own fantasy hero.



Have a wonderful weekend. We hope to see you tomorrow at our free Family Game Day where many will get a free UNO Ultimate Marvel game! And, if Magic is your jam, check out tonight's Friday Night Magic Phyrexia All Will Be One draft, and our Modern tournament!



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