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Week of December 8, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

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Week of December 8, 2023-What's New at Labyrinth?

Winter LEGO; Empire's End; The Fox Experiment's retail release; Bundle: Gift Edition for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan; a gingerbread man dice-racing game; holiday puzzles; and hot new prerelease announcements!

Empire’s End

Lead a grand civilization at the height of its influence! And, save it from collapse! In this engine-building game, 2-4 players compete to keep calamity at bay.


The Fox Experiment

In this board game – co-designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and Jeff Fraser – you'll breed fox pups to pass on desired traits to the next generation!


Magic: The Gathering – Lost Caverns of Ixalan Gift Bundle

The Bundle: Gift Edition is full of delights. It contains a little bit of everything, plus a Collector Booster full of flashy cards from the set.


Restock Alert: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday Scene Boxes

Get 6 playable foil Borderless cards with art that combines to create an epic scene from Lord of the Rings! Includes playable Magic cards + 6 Art Cards with the same art (without text) for display! (Shown in image: Gandalf in Pelennor the Fields


MTG – Magic: The Gathering – Holiday Surprise Bags

Surprise yourself or a loved one with some Magic: The Gathering treats! The items in this gift bag were hand-selected by Labyrinth staff, and will remain a secret until you purchase the gift bag! (Shown in image: Advanced #4)


LEGO Friends Holiday Ski Slope & Café (41756)

Kids who love snow days, skiing, snowboarding and role playing can create lots of fun stories with the LEGO Friends Holiday Ski Slope and Café winter vacation playset!


Magic: The Gathering – Secret Lair: Calling All Hydra Heads

Every card in this drop features expressive, eye-popping art by CatDirty that is sure to stun the table as they come into play.


Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Dwarf Male Paladin (W4 72630)

Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures are highly detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out of the box.


Santa's Visit, 100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This 100-piece jigsaw puzzle from Crocodile Creek captures the magic of the season, as Santa and his reindeer fly the gift-laden sleigh over the rooftops of the sleeping town below.


Roll for your Life, Candyman!

Play this lightning-fast dice game for 2-4 players, inspired by the original Run for your Life, Candyman! - but distilled down to the most exciting moments of turning your opponents into crumbs!


Spot It! Disney 100th Anniversary Edition

Play the classic game of Spot It! with your favorite Disney characters.


Santa's Helper, 36-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This Santa Claus and reindeer puzzle includes 36 thick puzzle pieces, encouraging hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills and problem solving.


Tea Dragon Society Circles, 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle oozes seasonal charm and fantastical beasts.


NEWLY Available for Preorder: Evacuation

Preorder today for receipt in late 2023 or early 2024! Compete for the best landing sites in a race to see who can build their new galaxy home first.


NEWLY Available for Preorder: Daybreak

Control a world power, deploying policies and technologies to both dismantle the engine of global heating and to build resilient societies!


NEWLY Available for Preorder: Lacuna: A Game of Mystical Geometry

Preorder today for receipt on 1/12/24! Lacuna is a game for 2 players about collecting flowers on a pond at night. It takes seconds to set up and plays entirely on a cloth mat.


NEWLY Available for Preorder: Murders at Karlov Manor Set

Play detective as you collect evidence, don disguises, and identify suspects with a set full of boosters to build murder mystery-inspired decks. (Shown in image: Bundle)  


NEWLY Available for Preorder: Ravnica Remastered Set

Ravnica Remastered takes you back to Ravnica, featuring cards from each Ravnica block that celebrate the plane's incredible history. Represent your favorite guild. (Shown in image: Draft Booster Box


NEWLY Available for Preorder: Pokémon TCG: Paldean Fates Set

The spotlight glistens on Shiny Pokémon making their fated return to the Pokémon TCG! (Shown in image: Booster Bundle




Have a wonderful weekend! We hope you’ll join us this weekend for Apiary Game Day with the designer, for our Magic: The Gathering Store Championship, or one of our other events!






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