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This Week's New Products and Hot Restocks - June, 18 2021

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  • By Hannah
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This Week's New Products and Hot Restocks - June, 18 2021

This week we welcome several hotly anticipated board games to the shop as well as the official release of Modern Horizons 2...

Oath Kickstarter Edition


Oath is here and it's big and gorgeous--come take a look at this Empire-defining game!


Modern Horizons 2 Official Release 


The set that is shaking up Modern and Commander is now officially out, so be sure to come pick up your preorders as well as come pick up the now available MH2 products.


Love Your Local Game Store Promo


Also, when you spend $50 or more on sealed Magic product in store (note: does not include pick up or shipping orders) you will receive a promo, retro-frame Fabled Passage. 




This fun new edition of this classic game is now out at Labyrinth! Be sure to check it out on our webstore.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Egyptian God Decks


The new Yu-Gi-Oh! ready-to-play Egyptian Decks are here and out at Labyrinth!


Arkham Horror 3E: Secrets of the Order


The latest expansion in the Arkham Horror 3rd Editon board game is out at Labyrinth.


Marvel Champions: Drax Hero Pack


Drax is now ready to punch his way onto the scene in the latest hero pack for Marvel Champions. Now out at Labyrinth.


Lost Explorers


Check out this cool new set collection game. Available at Labyrinth.


Pokémon Chilling Reign and Striker V


Check out all the latest Pokémon product that has come in or become available this week. If you haven't already ordered some or come by in person to see it all, I'd recommend taking a look. 


KeyForge Dark Tidings: Deluxe Archon Deck


The new KeyForge set now has Deluxe Archon decks available. In each deck you'll get every token type you'll need along with anything else necessary for a single player.


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