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Magic Monday-September 18, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

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Magic Monday-September 18, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

September and October Magic events at Labyrinth! Don't miss our store championship!

It’s just another Magic Monday!


Before beginning today, we want to offer hearty congratulations again to Nicolai Dolinar and Terry Stratton for winning Regional Championship invites at our RCQ on Saturday!

Now that the RCQ is done, it’s time to turn our attention to the next few exciting events we have coming up. This Friday marks the return of Pauper after several weeks away. Has Wilds of Eldraine shaken up the Pauper meta? Come Friday and find out. We’ll also be hosting a Wilds of Eldraine draft that evening, which so far has been a pretty fun limited environment.

On September 30th, we’re hosting a Pauper Commander tournament. The winner of each pod will win $20 in store credit. To learn more about Pauper Commander, you can check out sites like https://pdhhomebase.com/ for format rules and information or https://www.pdhrec.com/ to get started brewing.

And October 7th is the date of the Wilds of Eldraine Store Championship! The format is Wilds of Eldraine sealed, and players will compete for packs, promos, and some sweet extra goodies that we can’t tell you about yet. You can sign up for the Store Championship, as well as other events, at https://www.labyrinthdc.com/magic-events/.

This week’s featured single is Spellseeker, from Battlebond (shown above). For two generic and one blue mana you get a 1/1 creature that tutors for a mana value 2 or less instant or sorcery. This ability lets you search for some of the most powerful spells in your deck. You can grab a counterspell, card draw, protection spells, or even a boardwipe like Cyclonic Rift. This copy is foil and in very good condition. You can find it, and all of our other Magic singles, at https://labyrinthgameshop.tcgplayerpro.com/.

That’s all for this week, see you next Magic Monday! 







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