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Magic Monday-March 6, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

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Magic Monday-March 6, 2023-Labyrinth's Latest Magic: The Gathering News

This week's update on Magic singles and Magic: The Gathering events at Labyrinth includes a discussion of the state of Pauper's metagame, and details about the upcoming Regional Championship Qualifier!

It’s just another Magic Monday!

Congratulations to Elliott Jones and Dorian Korein, our co-store champions for Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Yesterday’s store championship was great and sets the stage for our Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ) in less than two weeks!


Competitive Magic: The Gathering – The Regional Championship Qualifier
There’s always something a little more special when you’re playing competitive Magic. When you know everyone is taking things seriously and trying as hard as they can, it makes each victory a little more satisfying. So if you’re at all interested in trying out competitive Magic, please sign up for the RCQ!

FNM and Pauper Metagame
Meanwhile, this week we’ll be hosting a Pauper tournament at Friday Night Magic (FNM) as well as a Phyrexia: All Will Be One draft. There was an interesting article released today about the state of Pauper’s metagame written by one of the members of the Pauper Format Panel. You can read the article, then stop by Friday to see how Labyrinth’s own metagame is shaping up.


Featured Card: Koizlek, Butcher of Truth
This week’s card highlight is none other than Koizlek, Butcher of Truth (shown above). We’ve featured Eldrazi titans many times. What makes this card special is the unique texture foiling. Subtle at first glance, texture foiling in Double Masters 2022 gives the card a unique surface, which seems to make it resistant to curling. This makes this near mint copy of Kozilek a great way to bling out your collection.


That’s all for this week. See you next Magic Monday!





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