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  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!
  • Ludamus Games We're Sinking!

We're Sinking!

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"We're Sinking!" is a social survival game on the high seas, filled with action, backstabbing, and loot!

Preorder (Expected release date: 2023)


We're Sinking! is a 3-6 player, secret action-taking survival game.

Players take on the roles of pirates on a ship under siege. As the ship takes damage, the crew must work together to repair the ship and defeat one of the threats (Kraken, Skeleton Pirates, Megaladon, and Sirens) while keeping the ship from... well, sinking! Will you or your fellow crew choose to selfishly pocket treasure instead, as precious time runs out? The game is over if you can manage to take out the threat. You win if you have the largest total score of treasure. If the ship sinks before taking out the threat, you win by having the fewest cards in your hand so that you're light enough to escape on the lifeboat.

Each turn players will choose one of 4 actions to take (Bucket, Patch, Fire, or Plunder). "Bucket" helps decrease the current water level. "Patch" helps fix breaches and busted cannon. "Fire" allows you to fire cannons at the enemy. "Plunder" allows you to steal revealed loot cards. Players will discuss and possibly bluff about what actions they should take. Then, players will secretly choose their actions on personal compass dials and place their dials face down. Once all player dials have been placed, players will then reveal dials simultaneously.

A pirate's life is all about the treasure, or surviving to tell the tale! Turn yourself into a legend by defeating the enemy, saving the ship, and having the most valuable loot in your hand! But if the ship sinks, be the pirate who survived to tell the tale by having the fewest cards in your hand!

In We're Sinking! you'll constantly have to make tough decisions and potentially change strategies based on how close you think the ship is to sinking, or how trustworthy you find your fellow mates ar(rrr)e!


*View the original Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ludamusgames/were-sinking

Support a local DC-area game designer's crowdfunding while also supporting our local store. We're Sinking! was playtested at Labyrinth!

The campaign has fully funded (nearly doubling its fundraising goal) on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign ended October 30, 2022. However, you can preorder a copy from Labyrinth at the Kickstarter pledge price.

Note: Components and colors are prototypes and slight changes may be found in the final version.

Kickstarter / Local / Pirate Theme


Number of Players 3-6
Estimated Playtime 45-90 minutes
Suggested Ages 10+

Preorder (Expected release date: 2023)

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