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  • Helvetiq Kariba
  • Helvetiq Kariba
  • Helvetiq Kariba



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In the savanna, the law of the strongest applies

Kariba is a smart card game. Africa is hot and water is scarce. The animals want to find a waterhole where they can refresh themselves. Of course, every animal wants to be the first to drink and so the elephant chases away the rhino, and the rhino chases away the mouse. But it is well known that elephants are afraid of mice. Therefore the little mouse chases away the elephant.

Goal of the game

Win the most cards possible.


64 cards, 1 waterhole

•  Format and mini-board inside
•  Exciting illustrations for the little ones
•  Addictive game play for all ages
•  A game by award-winning author Reiner Knizia
•  Infinite replayability


Ages 6+ 

2-4 Players

15' Playtime


Staff Recommendation

"Kariba is a charming family-friendly game where you are competing to collect the most cards. I like this game because it is incredibly easy to learn and teach. It has been a big hit at our aftercare game classes and among Labyrinth staff. There is some simple strategy involved and a bit of luck. This is not only a great filler game, but the small box size makes it ideal for small spaces or travel.


Who is this for? Anyone looking for a good warm-up/family game, as the game is really accessible to most ages. All you need to know to enjoy it really is how to count."