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Used Game Sale 2022

We are thrilled to be hosting our 10th Annual Used Game Sale!!! This is our biggest event of the year, and should be bigger than ever this year.

September 10 & 11, 2022

What to Expect

As in past years, Saturday (September 10th) will kick off the sale with auctions throughout the day. Sunday will conclude with a rummage sale, with prices dropping as the day progresses. Bidder registration will be required to participate on Saturday. A list of games will be posted prior to the event. 

All of Labyrinth's proceeds from the Used Game Sale benefit our community initiatives, including the Labyrinth Teacher Fund, community game nights, and the demo library. We really appreciate the support our community has always shown for this great event!

Want to Sell Games?

This year we are once again offering our customers the chance to sell their gently used games. You will be eligible for either 60% cash or 80% store credit of the final sale price. We are not accepting puzzles this year, but we plan to try to hold a puzzle swap in January. Please note we will also not be accepting any copies of Hope City or Serpent Stones!

Our available game slots usually fill up very quickly – sometimes within hours of when registration opens. Due to customer feedback, we are going to open registration to sell games on two days: July 30 and July 31. This will give everyone two chances to try to register their games. We are splitting the available slots between the two days. Registration will open at noon on each day. We are limiting the total number of games (or game bundles) to 10 per household. We hope this will allow as many people as possible to participate. 

The link to the submission form will be posted at the top of this page on July 30th at noon.

Game bundles are welcomed (and encouraged). Please bundle similar games or games with expansions if you would like to sell more than 10 games. Labyrinth will determine which games are sold via auction. 

After you register your games, you will receive an e-mail with a link to Calendly to schedule a time/date to drop off your games. Please help us spread out drop offs a little this year!

If you already have a customer account with us (i.e., you're a member of our loyalty program or you have purchased items online), please try to use that name and e-mail address when registering to sell games. It will help us when giving store credit to you following the sale. 

Used Game Sale Timeline