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  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market
  • ThinkFun Mystic Market

Mystic Market

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Mystic Market is an exciting fast-paced card game where players buy and sell magical potion-making ingredients.

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Craft Your Fortune!

In Mystic Market, 6 rainbow color vials of magical ingredients – Dragon Scales; Pheonix Feathers; Orc Teeth; Kraken Tentacles; Mermaid Tears; and Pixie Powder – all sit on a value track! The ingredients’ values will be constantly shifting, so only the shrewdest of traders will prevail.

Collect resources, craft potions, and then buy and sell ingredients and potions – when the market is right – to help you build the biggest fortune. The wealthiest witch/sorcerer/adventurer wins.

Mystic Market's included track of magical vials (see images) is not only high quality and charming but also practical. It displays the current market values of each ingredient and allows for easy adjustments when the market shifts. It's a genius design that provides an easy game experience, enchanting table presence, and thematic immersion.

Staff Recommendation
Mystic Market is a small, fun market game similar to titles such as Jaipur, but best at its full player count of 4. The game comes with a really cool, 3D value track that very tactilely keeps track of how much different mystical ingredients are worth. You play the game by collecting ingredients from the central marketplace in order to sell off sets to make a profit; however, opponents can sell an incomplete set of an ingredient they know you're collecting for no money and force the entire value track to reshuffle. Whoever has collected the most coinage by the end of the game wins, and the game ends when the last ingredient card is drawn from the draw deck. On your turn you can buy, swap, or sell cards; you may only do one of these three things along with crafting any potions for which you have the proper ingredients. Potions can be powerful boosts to your coin flow, so be sure to keep any eye on which ones enter the market.

Who is this for? Anyone looking for a fast market game with an element of take that!

Who is this not for? If you usually only play with two people, then I recommend looking at Jaipur instead because Mystic Market is pretty imbalanced at two players in my experience."   

Boozy Board Game Night / Local / Pride / Rainbow


Number of Players 2-4
Estimated Playtime 30-45 minutes
Suggested Ages 10+

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