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  • Gooey Cube The Foulest of Spirits – Chapter Two of the Red Star Rising Campaign
  • Gooey Cube The Foulest of Spirits – Chapter Two of the Red Star Rising Campaign

The Foulest of Spirits – Chapter Two of the Red Star Rising Campaign

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Dive into this roleplaying-game box set that includes more than 120 pages of intense and immersive content and over 150 full-color handouts, maps, and more. Bring the Foulest of Spirits to life!

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Jump into this immersive story. In The Foulest Spirits, the Sul rose after the last day of Carnivalle, but the morning brought no comfort. Memories of the terrifying events of the previous night still burn in your minds – and the shades of death that menaced the camp still darken your hearts. Now, some members of your troupe are missing and others lay as if they were dead. You wish to stay and help your kin, but you must complete a critical (and secret) mission in the depths of the Duskwood and find an item of great importance. But, it is Darktide – a day of dire portents – and nothing is as it should be.

Vile monsters and grotesque undead – driven mad by the evil of the day – gather in the shadowy forest. Bloodthirsty gangs of thugs prowl along the paths and roads, awaiting their chance to murder and maim. And beyond all this, something hunts your troupe. You are stalked by a fearful and ancient evil. Fires devour your people’s tents. Thieves abscond with valuable Hanataz treasures! And, plots more sinister than arson and robbery threaten to ruin you. Baleful powers scheme in the shadows, waiting for their chance to set their murderous plans in motion. Be on your guard, for everything you believe may be wrong!


About Zyathé: The Wy’rded World
Zyathé was not always as it is now. In the beginning it was magnificent, beautiful unspoiled, and untouched by the vileness that twists, warps, and infests it today.

Today Zyathé is known as the Wy’rded World for it is now an afflicted place with broken gods who oversee a place that is but a shadow of what it once was. The high races can no longer retain their once-mighty positions while the lower races rise. Conflict, corruption, and the "Perversion of All Things" is the new truth. Monstrous abominations stalk the wilds. Powerful, evil beings seek all manner of nefarious ends. Sovereignties, nation-states, tyrannies, and invaders clash on every continent. And in the depths of the Zyanduun, which is called the Underdelve, all manner of dark and horrible creatures contest with the peoples that live there.

This, my friend, is Zyathé: The Wy’rded World. And, for good or ill, it is where you make your home.


Number of Players 1+
Suggested Ages 14+

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