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By local designer and store friend, Kegan!

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*Phanta is made by a DC local designer!


Earth Has Fallen:

On the morning of June 14, 1968, a group of hippies fled to the mountains of Colorado to wait for doomsday, as the meteor, Icarus, neared Earth. Prophet Don, the leader of the doomsday cult, reported that after the meteor stuck the planet, California would slide into the ocean, the land would be plagued with horrible earthquakes, and society as we knew it would collapse. Don was correct.

You are a Survivor, one of a handful of children born from The Children of the Flowers, living in the mountainside town of Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Since Icarus's landing, the planet has seen wars, massive earthquakes, and the atmosphere poison itself. Not in Eldorado Springs though, it's safe here, it's always been safe here. Things are said to live out in The Periphery, the space around the town that none of these problems seem to cross over into, but it's fine here. It's always fine here. Rumor is the atmosphere is starting to clear up, but the people who leave into The Periphery don't always come back. What are you going to do about it?

Phanta is a rules-lite and easy to work with RPG system, designed for fast decisive actions, and lasting relationships, both with the other Survivors you find yourself with, and the other folks in Eldorado Springs. All you need to play is 2-6 players, a copy of the rules, your Survivor's playbook, and a handful of d6s.

Tags: Local / New

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