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Paperback - the novel deckbuilding game. Word-building meets deck-building - players start with a deck of letter cards and wild cards. Each hand they form words and purchase more powerful letters based on how well their word scored. Most letters have abilities that activate when they are used in a word, such as drawing more cards or double letter score. Players buy wilds to gain victory points.

Help Paige Turner become a famous author by completing Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance or even a Crime Noir novels. Live the dream — and maybe pay the bills.

  • 208 cards on premium 310 cardstock.
  • 11 Dividers
  • 17 cubes 
  • includes cooperative mode!
  • Mini expansions: Attacks, Powers, Themes, Awards.

Overview from Tim Fowers (Designer):

Paperback Rules Overview

Paperback Components Video


2-5 Players

Ages 8+


Staff Recommendation

"Paperback is the perfect game for the wordy person in your life, especially if they're also big into writing and/or reading. In the game you are building words from the letters in your hand as well as whichever the top common letter is on the common pile (this is part of the main area of the game setup where players will obtain new letters), and you are then scoring those words in order to earn the currency to buy new letters to add to your deck. Part of what makes this game great is that it combines those word game and deck-building elements in such a fun and thematic way--as a writer, the more you practice writing the more your repertoire of words and language will grow. The ultimate end goal of the game is to have the most Fame points, which are earned by buying Fame cards from one of the four Fame card piles; however, some of those higher scoring Fame cards are way more expensive, so you'll have to build a really special word that turn in order to be able to afford those. Once either all the common letters are gone or two of the piles of Fame cards are gone, the game ends and everyone starts tallying Fame points. There is a lot of depth to this little word game that reveals itself to you more and more with each game and I really love it.


Who is this for? Anyone who enjoy word games and is looking for one that plays differently than classics like Scrabble. Also, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a sucker for a good combination of theme and mechanics."

Tags: Good for 2 players


Number of Players 2-5
Estimated Playtime 45 minutes
Suggested Ages 8+