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  • Labyrinth Events Pathfinder RPG Sessions at AwesomeCon

Pathfinder RPG Sessions at AwesomeCon

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All of these events are happening at AwesomeCon, not at the Labyrinth store. See the description below for more information and for a link to buy an AwesomeCon badge.

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This event is happening at AwesomeCon, NOT at Labyrinth. An AwesomeCon badge is required to enter AwesomeCon.  You can buy badges for AwesomeCon here.

We ask that everyone is at least 10 minutes early for each event so we can begin on time. Participants that are not 10 minutes early will no longer be guaranteed a spot in the event, and someone waiting in the play area may be given that spot. 

Description of the events: 

The Year of Unfettered Exploration: It's time to explore! With the Society coming off of their recent victory in finally defeating an old enemy, they choose to turn to refocus on the goals of the Pathfinder Society: Explore! Report! Cooperate! As a celebration for such a successful year, there's a party being hosted with all sorts of friends both new and old in attendance. However, when one of Fola Barun's dear friends needs to be entertained in order to prepare a surprise, it's up to the Pathfinders to show him around the famous Maze of the Open Road. When he starts to encourage exploration, new doors appear and new adventures await!

Equal Exchanges – Necessary Introductions: Since the defeat of Aslynn, the Waterfall has become more of a staple around the Grand Lodge, starting to hold strange, isolated meetings with leadership and seemingly putting together some plan. Her most recent request is that a team of Pathfinder agents journey to Hwanggot and meet with the underworld dragon, Valashinaz as a introductory team. Venture-Captain Yi Da Som arranged the meeting through Valashinaz's kobold assistant, Purepurin. Unfortunately, between then and the PCs arriving, Purepurin forgot about them in the midst of pickling recipes from goblins and creepy crawlies invading the vaults! It's up to the PCs to help Purepurin bring Valashinaz's vaults under control while she summons the dragon to ensure these introductions go off without a hitch!

The Second Confirmation: A Pathfinder Society initiate goes missing on their Confirmation mission to become a fully-fledged field agent. With no update on the initiate’s whereabouts, the Society assembles a group of initiates into a rare group Confirmation in order to spearhead a rescue. It’s up to a new generation of heroes to save one of their own, and potentially make a few big discoveries along the way!

Lions of Katapesh: Goblin patriarch, merchant, and Pathfinder Society ally Yigrig Moneymaker needs help! The cunning goblin merchant has big plans to build a bridge that will connect two promising trade partners, but something is stirring up the local wildlife and convincing the lions and other predators of the Katapeshi plains that goblins are more tasty than can possibly be true. The PCs must find out who's responsible for the trials Yigrig's family faces before the lions of Katapesh devour the entire goblin clan and end the chance for trade between two desert cities.

Foundation's Price: Following their recent successes in aiding the government of Qadira with apprehending an errant genie-binder, the Pathfinder Society earned the right to establish a new lodge in the port city of Sedeq! With the construction of the site complete, the Society sent a group to formally begin operations from the new edifice.  They never arrived.  With city officials threatening to auction off the new building should the Pathfinder Society neglect to occupy it, the Society sends a backup group of Pathfinders to investigate the lodge. Finding the brand new structure in a state of alarming disrepair, the Pathfinders have little time to search for answers before a booming voice greets them. If they wish to have their lodge, they'll have to complete three tasks...

United in Purpose: When a group of Pathfinder Society initiates recently completed their Confirmation and rescued a fellow Pathfinder, they also uncovered a host of ruins belonging to an ancient civilization. Now, the Society’s major factions have sent their foremost experts and leaders to begin coordinating a thorough investigation of the ruins. Strong and savvy field agents are needed to begin uncovering the secrets hidden within these ruins.

The Blackwood Lost: The Pathfinder dig site near the Tskikha iruxi enclave in the Blackwood Swamp was, for some time now, considered one of the safer Azlanti ruins to investigate, to the point that it was used as field training for groups of initiates. Having been cleared out years ago by agents, the site was an archeological treasure trove for learning of the elemental magics of ancient Azlant. Something has gone wrong though. The elemental planes have changed in ways that scholars are, even now, struggling to understand, and the latent power within those ruins has manifested. It's been weeks since anyone has heard from the initiates currently on site or the iruxi allies nearby. The Pathfinders must race against time into the bizarre magics wrought by the elements to rescue the Blackwood lost.

Fury's Toll: When a group of Pathfinders sent to establish a presence at the Society's new lodge in Sedeq, Qadira, failed to report back, the Society sent a second group to investigate. When they arrived, they found the lodge in disrepair. A powerful genie confronted them, demanding that if they ever wanted to see the missing Pathfinders again, the Pathfinders must complete three tasks for the genie's cruel master! With the tasks completed and the missing Pathfinders safe and sound, it is now time to prepare the lodge for a grand opening celebration. Important figures from all across Qadira have been invited to attend—including some potential allies—and the Society is counting on its agents to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. The Society's future in Qadira may depend on the success, or failure, of this event! Unfortunately, the Society's hidden enemy is well aware of the celebration's importance. Outraged by the Society's success in reclaiming the lodge, he has once again laid a trap for the Pathfinders and their guests. One way or another, he intends to exact a terrible price.

Guardians Covenant: After assisting the people of Port Valen and protecting the town from rampaging trolls, the Society earned the approval of the settlement's leaders to establish a new Pathfinder lodge in the former feasting hall of the legendary warrior Sveinn Blood-Eagle. After enduring several months of dangerous ocean voyages to supply the new lodge and assist the town, venture-captains Bjersig Torrsen and Calisro Bennary requested permission for the Society to connect their new lodge in Port Valen to the Maze of the Open Road. By using the mystical extraplanar hedge maze, the venture-captains hope to strengthen the Society's presence in Arcadia. Rather than establish such a connection on their own, the venture-captains consulted Port Valen's leaders to determine the most responsible means of opening the portal. Their careful research brought them to a fey guardian in the Forest of Trials. The guardian readily agreed to the Society's proposal, on one condition. To keep the portal opened, the Society must regularly send heroes to perform heroic deeds in and around the Forest of Trials!

The Crocodile's Smile: After ensuring that Fasiel ibn Sazadin saw Qadiran justice for his crimes, the Pathfinder Society received a mysterious letter from his benefactor detailing that she now sees the Society as a formidable opponent. After receiving this, Venture-Captain Safa spent quite some time traveling and researching across Qadira and Nex, only to find that the benefactor resides in Jalmeray and is a rakshasa with fine tastes. In order to find out more information about her, Safa and Rashmivati are sending a small crew of Pathfinders to attend a local auction in order to do some reconnaissance. However, while attending the formal event, the Pathfinders can't help but notice that it looks like one of the guests might have some sticky fingers!