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  • Labyrinth Events Dungeons & Dragons RPG Sessions at AwesomeCon
  • Labyrinth Events Dungeons & Dragons RPG Sessions at AwesomeCon

Dungeons & Dragons RPG Sessions at AwesomeCon

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All of these events are happening at AwesomeCon, not at the Labyrinth store. See the description below for more information and for a link to buy an AwesomeCon badge.

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This event is happening at AwesomeCon, NOT at Labyrinth. An AwesomeCon badge is required to enter AwesomeCon.  You can buy badges for AwesomeCon here.

We ask that everyone is at least 10 minutes early for each event so we can begin on time. Participants that are not 10 minutes early will no longer be guaranteed a spot in the event, and someone waiting in the play area may be given that spot. 


Event Descriptions: 

The Many Mysteries of the Skinned Cat Tavern: "Like all adventures, this starts in a tavern. The catch? No one knows how they got there!  From giant owlbears to pirate ships, the tavern holds many secrets. Are you brave enough to venture into the tavern and solve its many mysteries?"

Tomb of Horrors: "Are you brave and/or stupid enough to enter the trap-filled crypt of the lich Acerak and attempt to steal his treasure? This is an updated version of the classic module designed by D&D creator Gary Gygax. An adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 10th level. "

The Lonely Tower: "Above the town of Roseward, a strange tower rises from the mansion of Sir Carl Rhodes, a retired merchant. The people of Roseward say that Sir Rhodes brough a curse back from his journeys, and now a spectre stalks through the night, hunting down his former crewmates one by one. Such rumors are bad for business, and Sir Rhodes has hired the party to find out the truth of these rumors, and put an end to them, one way or another. Explore the secrets of the lonely tower of Roseward, and the truth of its alleged curse in this one shot for DnD 5e. Seeking 4 to 5 players."

The Black Ballad: "If death awaits all adventurers, then the salvation of resurrection is always the hope. But what about the waiting period? Stuck in the afterlife awaiting a cleric's blessing to return you from a critical failure–how do you bide your time?"

Masks and Mayhem: "After saving the city from a vicious monster, our heroes find themselves invited to a party at the mysterious mansion of a figure simply known as "The Duke." What follows is a night filled with a mayhem, mystical masks, and even rabid animals. Do you have what it takes to traverse the manor??"

Temple of the Basilisk Cult: "Suitable for all ages and experience levels, including players new to D&D.  Venture into the jungle on an archeological expedition and uncover the dangerous truth about an ancient basilisk cult. An adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 1st level."

Spelljammer: "Spelljammer is a campaign setting originally published for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, which features a fantastic outer space environment"

Level 3 Adventure: "Characters are sent to investigate why a local village is no longer sending taxes to the local baron. When they arrive, only bones picked clean remain, with a grisly trail leading into the depths a long abandoned tomb."