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Week of March 18, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Hannah and Ian
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Week of March 18, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion, new puzzles and puzzle books, Yu-Gi-Oh! Hidden Arsenal Ch.1, and more...

Dizzy Bees

Dizzy Bees

Check out this wobbly, spinning, adorable infant's toy!




Restock alert: Command & Colors Ancients

Command & Colors Ancients

This classic is back in stock and receives high praise from Labyrinth staff who have played it, so be sure to check it out if you're a fan of war and historical games.




Conquest and Consequence

Conquest and Consequence

This is a unique, three-player war/historical game simulating the land war in the Pacific/East Asian territories during the World War 2 era.




New Sudoku and Crossword Puzzle Books

Puzzle Books

We've received a ton of new Crossword and Sudoku books in this past week.




Arkham Horror LCG Dunwich Horror Campaign Expansion

Arkham Horror LCG Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion

The latest in the revised campaign expansions for the latest edition of the Arkham Horror LCG is here!




Yu-Gi-Oh! Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1

Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1

The newest Yu-Gi-Oh product is out at Labyrinth.




New Puzzles

New Puzzles

There are a ton of new puzzles at Labyrinth, so be sure to swing by for a look this afternoon.




Familiar Tales

Check out this amazing new cooperative, narrative game in which players are Wizard's familiars tasked with raising a young princess to be a ruler, but what kind of ruler?



Lord of the Rings LCG Starter Decks

In case you missed them last week, the new Lord of the Rings LCG Starter Decks are now in stock at Labyrinth!





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