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Week of February 18, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

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  • By Ian
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Week of February 18, 2022-What's New at Labyrinth?

Chronicles of Crime: 2400, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Dog Lover, Furnace restock and more this week at Labyrinth.

Chronicles of Crime: 2400

Chronicles of Crime: 2400

The newest installment in the Chronicles of Crime takes the mystery game series to a cyberpunk future. Solve crimes with the help of your pet cyber-raven and cybernetic implants in a futuristic Paris controlled by the nefarious BelCor corporation.




Dog Lover

Dog Lover

Rescue dogs, teach them tricks, and get to know your pup's greatest strengths in this adorable card game inspired by Cat Lady.




Magic the Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Official Release

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty

The set is officially out, so come get your bundles, commander decks, and booster packs!




Disney Eye Found It!

Disney Eye Found It!

This is an adorable Disney re-theme on the classic Eye Spot It. Players work together to get everyone to Cinderella's Castle before the timer runs out as they frantically search for whichever item has been drawn from the Search Card deck or keep spinning the spinner to move forward down the path.




Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos

Battle of Chaos

The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! set came out last week and is currently in stock.




Restock Alert: Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

We know a lot of people have been searching for this classic, and it is finally back at Labyrinth once more.




Echoes: The Cocktail and Echoes: The Dancer

Echoes: The Dancer

We just received these new audio and game based mysteries from Ravensburger that look like they'll make for an intriguing game night.




Restock Alert: Furnace


The incredibly hit, Furnace, is back in stock once more at Labyrinth!




Sleeping Gods: Tides of Ruin and Sleeping Gods: Dungeons expansions

Sleeping Gods: Tides of Ruin

If you've already begun tearing into your new copy of Sleeping Gods, then be sure to add some new content to the game with Tides of Ruin or Dungeons.




Restock Alert: Letter Jam

Letter Jam

This tricky word game of hidden information is now back at Labyrinth.




Restock Alert: The Quiet Year

The Quiet Year

The beloved RPG, The Quiet Year is all about rebuilding post the collapse of civilization. Now back in stock.




Restock Alert: In Extremis

In Extremis


Local designer, Kegan's awesome, stylishly macabre RPG is back in stock at Labyrinth.


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